Someone Stole My Art! Story Time!

You read that right! Someone stole my art! If you are an artist who posts your work online, this has probably happened to you! In today's video, I will give you all of the drama-filled details and what you should do if you find an art thief is using your work without permission! If you find your work being sold online, here are some links to file infringement reports/takedowns for various platforms: Amazon: Shopify: Redbubble: TeePublic: Design By Humans Cafe Press: TeeSpring: Zazzle: Let me know in the comments what you would like to see covered in upcoming might see your idea come to life! To answer some common questions: Here is a link to the Procreate forum for the brush that I use in almost all of my videos: This is the screen protector I use on my 12.9 iPad Pro. It has a matte finish and a nice paper-like feel to it which makes creating smooth lines a lot easier: